Auckland CCTV Security Systems

Can CCTV Security Systems For Commercial Uses Really Prevent Crimes From Happening?

You might think that having the word “security” attached to their name would make CCTV security systems or security cameras enough to deter people from committing crimes. However, the truth is that crimes are still happening even in places where security cameras are in plain sight. But this really doesn’t discount the fact that because of CCTV cameras, the number of unsolved crimes in the country has dramatically dropped.

This is the reason why, if you have a business, you absolutely must install a security camera system. There are two ways to install it: Either you can buy the camera and do it yourself or you have a company install it for you. But this really depends on how big your establishment is. Obviously if you own a small retail shop, it would be better if you buy several cameras, TV and recorder and install the system yourself. Security cameras sell for $137 while recorders are priced at $1,300 each. But that’s just at one website we checked. It is possible to get cheaper prices if you look at different websites.

However, if you need to install a security system for a hospital, a university campus, warehouse, shopping mall or hospital, you need to have a company assess your needs and install the appropriate system for you. Being public places that they are, a company that specialises in security camera systems would know what correct cameras to use. With warehouses, for example, the correct camera to use would be cameras that are mounted on the building. You may not know it, but warehouses usually fall victim to vandals. Knowing that there are cameras around to give away their identities to the police would be enough for vandals (the sane ones, at least) to keep away from your warehouse.


Dome-Security-Camera – image

With a hospital that has several buildings, it’s not enough to install an analog security system. The security system of each building must talk to each other and this is only possible if you install an IP-based system. This is also appropriate for government facilities as buildings even fourteen miles away from each other can have a centralised CCTV system with IP technology.

On the other hand, large retail stores need a special system that would capture every nook and cranny of the building, including the storage facility. Again, companies that specialise in installing security camera systems could draw up a customised layout of your security system based on the features of your building. They can do the same for school campuses.

Seeing CCTV cameras all around would typically deter students from committing crimes, like buying and selling drugs and engaging in gang activities. They know that cameras are great in assisting police in investigations.

Infra red security camera

Infra red camera – image airtightsecurityplus

Security camera system companies tend to be operated locally but there are a few who can provide CCTV security systems in New Zealand. That said, in order to find the companies in your area, you should search for local businesses on Google, just type in “best CCTV company” plus the name of your city e.g. best CCTV company Auckland. Like anything else, you don’t just hire the first company you see. You need to consult with at least three different companies with regards to their price and specific security camera systems. It would help if you give them a layout of where you’re going to install your security cameras.

With a bit of due diligence, you should be able to find a company either in Auckland or one that operates around NZ that can tailor a surveillance camera CCTV system to meet your needs. For more details of a highly rated CCTV company, click here and visit their website.

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Security guard services in NZ

All About Security Guards

A security guard is a person who patrols buildings, fences and other areas to protect property, people or assets. They usually are employed privately and come from the ranks of civilian personnel. Mostly they wear uniforms and keep high visibility to deter people from committing inappropriate or illegal actions. They also observe warning signs of fire, crime or disorder, either through patrols or by watching video cameras or alarm systems. When something happens, they report incidents to the client as well as emergency services.

In the past, security guards were known as watchmen, a term that goes all the way back to the Middle Ages in Europe. The term came to the New World, where it was interchangeable with the term “night-watchman” until the security-based titles took precedence. Some regard security guards as though they carry out a private sort of policing.

A lot of proprietary security companies and firms use the “detect, deter, observe and report” model. Security officers do not have to arrest miscreants, but they do have the power to carry out citizen’s arrests or act as a quasi law enforcement agent in other circumstances. They will often work with or assist police officers.

In general terms, though, the primary duty of a private security guard is to prevent and deter crime. By enforcing approved rules, security guards have the power to protect property and lives, and indeed they frequently have the contractual duty to do so. On top of basic deterrence, security guards often also have training in such specialized duties as control and arrest, including the use of handcuffs and restraints, first aid, CPR, operation of emergency equipment, taking detailed notes and performing other tasks for their client.

Security guards or patrol officers in New Zealand are not allowed to carry armed weapons when they carry out their duty. In fact, they are not allowed to carry any weapons even truncheons.

Security is a growing field all around the world as crime rises and police forces become more stretched with their resources. There are many crimes where the law enforcement departments are not able to respond such as petty break-ins and small robberies. They tend to be more focused on violent crimes. It is this lack of resources that has contributed to the rise in private security guards and firms.

Auckland security guard

Auckland security guard – image securityguardtraininguk

One primary reason for hiring security guards to patrol your premises is that insurers often give discounted rates to people with security patrols. If your home, factory or office building has a 24-hour presence, the discount is often even larger.

However, while a break-in can be expensive to repair and restore, it is always a major headache and can be very upsetting for your staff and family members.  This can be an even bigger cost than the financial outlay of the damage or physical loss.

So for peace of mind and increased protection of your premises, talk to your business partners to see whether hiring security guards is the right idea for you. For more information, click here.

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Home security camera service

Reasons for using a security camera

Theft has been a problem for years in NZ but the problems have grown to increasingly high levels. People are used to the idea of CCTV cameras and can notice security cameras in almost any location where ever we go in the public arena. A report from New Zealand Privacy Group they estimate more than 100 surveillance cameras on one main street within Auckland.

Nowadays homeowners often feel threatened or at least insecure in their own houses. These thoughts have been increased due to the difficult financial situation in recent times. A further issue has been because of illicit drug-related criminal activity, especially P users. These people are desperate for money and frantically search for funds or goods they can sell so they can acquire ever more illegal drugs.

The issues are not limited to some types of houses, location or even high income region. There is burglary all over the nation.

How much criminal activity is there throughout New Zealand?
Whilst people at large believe that criminal activity has become more common than ever before, the official burglary statistics present the opposite with a decline in break-ins and theft last year compared to the earlier years. In fact there’s been a consistent decrease in total noted crime post the top within the mid 90s.

This appears to be very good news and contra to a widely received notion in which burglary is growing and that is supported with feedback from different government bodies in the country.

For example, the NZ law enforcement agencies caution how those statistics are probably not accurate. They and other research teams like the Ministry of Justice suggest that only about a third of criminal offenses are in fact reported to the police.

Infra-red security camera

Infra-red camera – image

That puts a completely different perspective about the burglary figures and will support the impression with people in general where criminal activity actually is increasing.

Thoughts on why have official criminal activity rates dropped?
When we consider the authorised criminal activity figures, then we need to question the reason why these figures may have decreased.

One of the factors for this lowering of criminal activity, specifically in burglary, would be the increased installation for household security camera systems. In the 1990s, surveillance systems were very expensive and affordable by only wealthy people home-owners. These days, with all the coming of new technologies and much better manufacturing techniques, security cameras definitely have fallen in cost and are now reasonable for a lot more people.

It has become common to walk down plenty of residential roads and see properties with security camera boxes attached to the top of a house wall. These send the clear signal to potential trespassers or burglars that the grounds are being monitored.

For impromptu thieves, that alone is a strong signal and deterrent

Making your surveillance work
Nonetheless, a significant proportion of those video security camera containers are in fact empty. The boxes are simply acting as a deterrent. With no working camera inside, there might be simply no pictures with the thief.

One reason that householders put in these pretend cameras has been the cost aspect. An empty box obviously will be a lot less expensive than the camera and security monitoring system. Regrettably, many thieves are aware that a large number of security camera systems in reality are fake and so ignore the hoped for deterrent.

As a result to ensure any home security system will be effective at preventing robberies, there must be video cameras installed. Further, they need to be monitored in some manner.

What type of camera to use?
A quick dig into the topic will soon show that this is a complicated area with plenty of different technologies, manufacturers and models to choose from. It quickly becomes confusing for most people.

There are five main types of protection technology you can look at:–
• Heat sensitive
• Tilt and pan
• Hidden cameras
• Dome
• Pro Box security devices.

They all have their own pros and cons depending on where people need to use them.

Some are better in reduced brightness scenarios for example at night or in shadows. Some give a longer operating life. And others

CCTV Video Surveillance NZ

Installing CCTV Video cameras

offer more flexibility within their operation. Any choice is going to be determined by what you are attempting to accomplish.

How to pick a residential video security camera?
Some people might enjoy the deep research necessary to find the most appropriate security camera for their home. Nonetheless, most are not going to want to do this so it will be better to contact a security camera supplier and installation company.
Be sure that they can also provide monitoring services too to save you looking around for another supplier.  This company is one of the biggest Auckland security camera companies and they also have 24/7 monitoring services too. Click through to their website and get more information.

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Alarm monitoring company in Auckland

Auckland Alarm Monitoring Company

The need to protect homes from thieves and other burglars leads many householders to think about home security systems such as burglar alarms. While an alarm is better than nothing, a monitoring service can significantly increase the overall value of that burglar alarm.  Police advice is to have a burglar alarm but a monitored alarm is much better.

Alarm pad

Alarm pad

A stand-alone intruder alarm is a deterrent but only a mild one since experienced burglars can dis-able an alarm.  Further, if there is no-one to respond to an alarm call, then the intruder has plenty of time to steal your belongings and make their escape.

With a monitoring service, they usually employ a mixture of trained operators and high-tech equipment to keep a close watch on the status of the alarms. When there is any intrusion in the house, they provide the call for help. Many also have their own emergency call-out staff so a security guard can be at your home very quickly.

However, it is important to remember though, that not all home alarm monitoring services are equal in quality and certainly not in cost.

In order to hire the best service possible and to be certain that your home is well-secured, it will be necessary to put time and effort into choosing a home alarm monitoring provider. But it is not an easy task so here are a few pointers to help you in making a choice for an alarm monitoring company.

The detailed alarm service

Contracts are a central part of pretty much every home alarm monitoring service. It would be nice to be able to skip over the details in a contract. Who really wants to read through all of the small print but unfortunately, the devil is in the detail. So make sure you fully understand all of the various details and requirements in the contracts of the potential suppliers.  Some will try to confuse you with seemingly “unique” features but try to get them to quote you on a like-for-like basis.  That is the only way you can make a proper comparison.

How long is your commitment?

Some contracts may be on monthly terms while others will be annual. However, there may be incentives available when selecting long contract terms but do make sure that you really do need that extended service supply. Also be sure to check for any lock-in period.  If you do not like the service or move house, then it can be expensive to terminate the contract.

Maintenance of the alarm system

You can also check about any maintenance or repairs.  Are they included in your fee or will you have to pay extra for those services?

What are they going to supply?

Another benefit of a contract is in specifying the actual extent of service to be supplied. A company may make any amount of statements about the kind of services that customers can expect. The sales people can sound very convincing but the contract is ultimately what they have to supply against.

With that in mind, it is often best to choose an Auckland alarm company that has a really simple contract. That way you know they are not likely to try to worm their way out of the service level through some convoluted legal technicality.

What do other people say about alarm companies?

Another sound move is to check the reputation of a potential home alarm monitoring service.  You can do this by asking around in your local community. Often a security firm will have a sticker in the window of a house they are monitoring. You could go and ask the householder what they think about the service and whether they would recommend them.

Don’t forget to ask your friends, family members and neighbours too. Of course, you can turn to the Internet to look for review there. You might also be able to find some alarm service review sites which can give a good insight too.

In conclusion

Most owners tend to stick with their monitoring provider for several years so it is worth the effort to research the options thoroughly before you make a final decision.

Home alarm monitoring can make a significant contribution to the safety of a property if it managed and maintained well. But the wrong choice of service provider can be a pain and end up being a costly mistake.

With suitable time spent on finding the right alarm monitoring company, householders can enjoy increased security and peace of mind.

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